Nike and Corteiz Will Release an Official Cooperation
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Nike and Corteiz Will Release an Official Cooperation

London- grounded streetwear brand Corteiz is launching its first major brand collaboration with Nike.

Last night, the hallmark of the London- grounded streetwear marker Corteiz took over the front of Niketown in the center of the capital, suggesting that a collaboration between Corteiz and Nike( NYSENKE-1.33) could be en route.

Those who saw the Corteiz Alcatraz totem on the front of Oxford Street’s most notorious store were quick to post it online, with the main reservations being that it was another one of Clint419’s guerrilla marketing tactics. For illustration, the brand garnered mass attention following its Bolo Exchange and a 99p weight drop, with both events transferring suckers into a maximum delirium.

Still, after important enterprise, it has now been verified that the move is an sanctioned collaboration with Nike.

Hand- in- hand with its guerrilla marketing moves, Corteiz has proven to be the king of keeping its suckers engaged. And while the styles which generally stretch across tracksuits, T- shirts, outerwear, and accessories generally retail for accessible prices, it has n’t stopped them from garnering attention from the likes of Drake lately, who was seen wearing a lately- dropped “ DA SKYDIVE ” jacket on social media.

The collaboration between Corteiz and Nike is set to launch in the coming months, marking Corteiz’s biggest marketable move since the brand’s commencement in 2017. So far, Clint419’s marker has connected with fellow London- grounded streetwear marker Soho Yacht Club, and Nigerian imprint, Motherlan, while working on apparel collaborations with UK rap stars Central Cee and Meekz.

Nike has declined to note on farther details on the collaboration, with the sportswear giant structure on a slew of high- profile collaborations with the likes of Stüssy and Jacquemus.

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