Nike Pegasus 40 Tried and tested
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Nike Pegasus 40 Tried and tested

Type Neutral, road
Sizes UK5.5- UK14( M)/ UK3- UK9.5( W)
Colour White/ Blue shade/ Ray Orange/ Picante Red

The shoe
Reliable, durable and comfortable, the Nike Pegasus is arguably one of the stylish Nike shoes plutocrat can buy – and, after 40 duplications, it's gained a huge cult following, frequently being cited as one of the most popular handling coaches. In fact, we would go as far as to say that the Nike Pegasus is a shoe that feels like a reliable, familiar old friend.

Designed for every kind of run – long and short, easy and hard – and every kind of runner, the Nike Pegasus 40 only features a couple of minimum updates. The byword,' if it ain't beggared, do not fix it' comes to mind then. After all, why change a cherished chief if it formerly ticks so numerous boxes?

How is the Pegasus 40 different to the Pegasus 39?
Of course, when the same shoe has been tweaked and streamlined 40 times formerly, there is only so much you can change without fully redesigning the whole thing. The Pegasus 40 has a couple of – minor – tweaks a new, redesignedmid-foot band( for a more secure fit" like the Peg is giving your bow a welcoming, gentle clinch") and a redesigned single- subcaste mesh upper to offer further breathability and help to ameliorate tailwind in sweaty conditions.

According to Nike, this interpretation of the Peg has" the same responsiveness and neutral support as former duplications but features bettered comfort in sensitive areas of your bottom( like the bow and toes)".

" We wanted to make the inner confines of the shoe comfortable, permeable and forgiving in the toes, bow and heel, where your bases are most sensitive, with an finagled indirect pattern that allows it to acclimatize to your bottom."

What's the Pegasus 40 like to run in?
Springy is the first word that comes to mind to describe the Pegasus 40. And that is most probably down to the Nike React technology. The Pegasus 40 includes two Zoom Air units – at the forefoot and heel – which helps to give that responsive, energised( and, yes, springy) feel.

How does the Pegasus 40 fit?
When you step into the Pegasus 40 the bumper feels like it moulds to your bases. But these are not uber- gentled shoes – not in comparison to some of the maximalist shoes presently on the request. So while they feel soft and inviting, the bumper then also feels like it's been designedly placed, hugging your bottom securely in place.

These shoes fit true to size – no need to size up or down then.

RW verdict
A true chief, the Nike Pegasus 40 is a great each- rounder for both newcomers starting out on their running trip and marathoners looking for a dependable idler. At£114.95 they are not cheap, but in comparison to a lot of other decent neutral- support do- it- all road shoes, they are actually excellent value for plutocrat. The only problem with white( although, we at RW do love a white shoe) is that they get dirty veritably snappily – so best to save these for those sun runs.