Apple’s hot new fall color might be ‘ dark ’ titanium
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Apple’s hot new fall color might be ‘ dark ’ titanium

When the Apple Watch Ultra 2 arrives this fall, it'll probably have a analogous look to the original model, with a 49 mm flat display, rugged quadrangle, and Action button. Still, a new scuttlebutt claims that Apple may be adding a new color option that will make it incontinently recognizable as a alternate- word model.

According to Mark Gurman’s rearmost Power On newsletter, Apple will release a alternate- word Apple Watch Ultra this fall with a new chip that will bring “ a fairly sizable performance bump. ” But indeed more instigative is a new “ dark titanium color option, ” which Gurman claims was tested before the launch of the original model. Apple’s contrivers scrapped the color last time because they “ did not like the appearance, ” but it could arrive this time.

While Gurman is not certain of the new “ dark ” option – he called it “ theoretical ” due to the issues last time – Apple nearly always introduces a new color with each new Apple Watch generation. So if it’s not “ dark ” titanium, Apple is nearly certain to release some new color to allure buyers and separate it from the previous generation.

It’s not clear whether the iPhone 15 Pro, which is also anticipated to have new titanium edges, will borrow a analogous color palette. Apple generally has four colors for the iPhone 15 Pro – the iPhone 14 Pro is available in Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple — and rumors claim the new titanium iPhone will still have a frosted glass back in several tones. We would n’t say no to “ dark ” titanium sides.